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Fridge and freezer disposal Fridge and freezer disposal
Fridge and freezer disposal

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Fridge and freezer disposal Ealing

The UK law mandates the responsible disposal of freezers and fridges due to the presence of chlorofluorocarbon gases in them. Waste Removal Ealing provides quick, professional, affordable waste removal services, including fridge and freezer disposals.  

As fully licensed waste carriers operating in Ealing, we will ensure your freezer or fridge gets disposed of properly. We will provide you with an electronic waste transfer note for all removals. With our services, you don’t need to lift a finger because our waste removal team will handle the heavy lifting. This means you can leave your old fridge or freezer inside your property until we come for the removal.

Whether the fridge or freezer is a commercial variant, our experienced and trained team will handle the removal. We remove and dispose of heavy items from households and commercial properties.

Highly trained and experienced removal professionals

You can choose Waste Removal Ealing confidently because we have experienced professionals who have provided fridge and freezer removal services for several years. Our removal team remove and dispose of freezers, fridges and other unused or junk items.

While removing bulky items such as fridges isn’t always easy, our experience and expertise make us fully qualified to handle the job. We are happy to have trained personnel to attend to your removal needs.

Most commercial fridges use old installation methods and techniques, making them difficult to remove. However, our expert team can comfortably manage the removal and disposal. We safely remove the objects to ensure nothing goes out of place.

Our expert team will leave your space in its original condition, so you have nothing to worry about.

Old fridge removal

Old, unused fridges take up a lot of space and make your premises look unclean. A fridge that isn’t working starts to build mould and cause other issues. You can contact us for an easy and quick commercial fridge removal.  

Removing a fridge requires more than one person, especially if it is a commercial fridge, since they are heavier and larger. Our two-person team will efficiently handle the fridge removal regardless of its size.

Whether the fridge installation makes removal difficult or it’s a big fridge, our team will get the job done without requiring you to lift a finger.

We carry out commercial fridge recycling and proper disposal because we are committed to protecting the environment.  

Our removal services are available at an affordable rate, and we complete every job quickly. Our team will lift, move, shift and dispose of the items, regardless of how heavy they are.

Why choose us?

  • We are available throughout the week for fridge and freezer removal
  • We have several positive reviews
  • Our recycling rate is over 95%
  • We are registered with the Environment Agency and provide waste transfer notes
  • We offer removal, efficient and quick services

How our service works

  • Our uniformed and friendly team will attend to your needs when you contact us.
  • We will arrive at your property at the agreed time for the fridge and freezer removal
  • We will remove the appliances you don’t need from wherever it is on your property and ensure the area is clean
  • We will recycle and donate the old appliances

Contact Waste Removal Ealing today at 020 37450982 to book our fridge and freezer disposal service.

What items do you collect?

The following are some materials we collect.

  • Under counter fridges
  • Tabletop fridges
  • Smeg fridges
  • Mini fridges
  • Lader fridges
  • Integrated fridge freezer
  • Fridge
  • Freezers
  • American fridge freezer

Are fridges recyclable?

Yes, they are. We recycle up to 95% of fridges. We are committed to environmental preservation, so we use only recycling sites with at least a 95% recycling rate.

What is the size of your vehicle?

We have different sizes of vehicles and can collect up to 12 yards of general waste.

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Same Day Services

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