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Cardboard collection

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Cardboard collection Ealing

Cardboard waste is among the easiest materials to recycle since it's made from natural wood fibres. Most businesses use cardboard regularly, usually as packaging. Instead of throwing out your used cardboard with general waste that will go to landfills, you can opt for cardboard recycling in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

As leading experts in cardboard waste removal and recycling, Waste Removal Ealing provides cost-effective, reliable and efficient removal services in Ealing. We are available for cardboard collection from both residential and commercial properties.

If you've moved to a new house or just got flat-pack furniture, you'll likely have large amounts of cardboard. Instead of disposing of them yourself or waiting for the council for a pick-up, our expert team will remove your cardboard quickly.

What is cardboard waste?

Cardboard waste is any used item made from multi-layered sheets of stiff paper or heavy, duty-thick paper. Since the materials are similar to paper, recycling cardboard is recommended. Cardboard recycling is also common because cardboard is made of fibre processed from trees.

Cardboard waste can include food and storage boxes and parcels. Commercial cardboard waste should be dry and clean because recycling dirty or wet cardboard is often difficult because it weakens and contaminates the materials and fibre. Wet and dirty cardboard often ends up with general waste, incinerated or sent to landfills.

Cardboard waste for recycling includes:

  • Corrugated cardboard – made from outside and inside liner and ruffled fluting
  • Paperboard – the thicker form of paper used for milk and juice cartons
  • Cardboard tubes – circular packaging often used for posters
  • Packing and parcels – online delivery boxes
  • Storage boxes – for moving offices and homes and storing items
  • Food packing – egg, biscuit boxes, cereal

Cardboard recycling process

The cardboard recycling process after cardboard collection includes:

  • Professionals at the recycling facility will sort the waste into corrugated boards, boxboards, or flat sheets. Cardboard and paper recycling can go together, but separating the grades is necessary because they go into different products following recycling
  • The cardboard gets shredded into smaller pieces and mixed with chemicals and metals to form a slurry mixture
  • The pulp gets mixed with small quantities of new pulp made from wood chips
  • The mixture undergoes a series of chemical, filtering and centrifugal processes to remove metal, ink, tape and plastics
  • The cleaned pulp gets dried and pressed to form long sheets, which are glued to form a new cardboard

Cardboard recycling bins

Cardboard waste often takes up a lot of space, and many organisations admit they throw away cardboard since they don't have storage or recycling facilities. Waste Removal Ealing can provide free cardboard recycling bins in different sizes for daily, weekly or bi-weekly cardboard collections. 

With our recycling bins, you can easily store cardboard waste on your business premises and arrange for collection at a convenient time. Our cardboard recycling is a safe, simple and efficient way to restore your business resources.

Recycling cardboard and efficiently managing it is essential for your business. We provide the following sizes of recycling bins.

  • 240L
  • 660L
  • 1100L

How does our cardboard collection work?

  • Select free bins

It's easy and quick to arrange commercial waste collection for your business. When you provide information on the bin size, the number of bins and the type of waste you want to remove, we will provide you with a free quote.

  • Arrange for delivery

If you are happy with the size, number and type of bin, provide us with information on when you need the bins. Ensure you inform us if we would have any access issue during the bin delivery.

  • Fill the bin

After we deliver the free bin to your preferred location, fill them with the agreed waste. Ensure you adhere to the weight limit for each bin size and waste type.

  • Waste collection

We will arrange the waste collection at a time suitable for your needs.

Who needs our commercial cardboard waste collection?

All businesses use cardboard while running their business. Your business can produce cardboard waste from food boxes, tea and cereal in the office or a high volume of cardboard waste. Some businesses need more cardboard collections, like wholesalers, distributors, food catering and retailers.

We provide different cardboard recycling bins to meet your cardboard waste needs.

Benefits of cardboard recycling

Recycling a tonne of cardboard saves up to 17 trees and prevents your business from disposing of waste in landfills. This saves about 2.3 cubic meters of landfill space to meet your ethical and environmental responsibilities. Cardboard recycling does not incur landfill tax, saving your business money.

Over 12.5 million tonnes of cardboard and paper are used in the UK yearly, and this is likely to increase due to more online orders. Out of the 12.5 million, 5.5 million tonnes of cardboard and paper are used for packaging, with only 65.6% recycled.

This means one-third of cardboard and paper waste isn't recycled and disposed of in landfills. With the financial and environmental benefits of cardboard recycling, such as reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, encouraging cardboard recycling is necessary.

Cardboard waste disposal

Our cardboard waste recycling service provides your business with a simple and low-cost solution for removing cardboard waste. We are a locally-based waste collection company and can come to your property to collect any type and size of business waste. We will arrange the cardboard waste collection at a time convenient for you.

Whether your office is small and needs cardboard collection services twice a month or you have a large-scale business producing cardboard regularly, we can tailor our services to meet your business needs.

Why choose us

  • Hassle-free services

You can simply contact us to book our cardboard collection service in Ealing, and our experienced team will give you further details about our services.

  • Get free quote

We will send you a quote based on the information you provide. Our pricing system is transparent.

  • Customer-first

What makes us exceptional is our respect for all our customers. Our services are transparent, trustworthy and respectful. We also keep our customers updated on each step of our service.

  • Sustainable recycling

We provide carbon-neutral rubbish removal services, focused on sustainability and ensuring minimal waste gest disposed of in landfills.

  • Efficient process

We are a trusted waste removal company in Ealing because we offer same-day, convenient, and quick services.  

  • Fast pick-up from any location

We will come to your location anywhere in Ealing to quickly collect your cardboard waste for responsible disposal and recycling.

Waste removal with Waste Removal Ealing

We will arrange for your cardboard collection at a time suitable for you, break down the cardboard and ensure the area is clean before loading everything into our van for responsible disposal and recycling.

Our cardboard collection and removal are affordable. We handle all commercial and residential recycling with same-day service, so you don't need to wait around all day for your cardboard removal.

Contact Waste Removal today at 020 37450982 to book our cardboard collection service.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can. Our cardboard collection and removal service is available even at weekends. We can collect cardboard from your home office or commercial site during the week and recycle it. We are always available to collect cardboard and other items for disposal.

Yes, you can. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your cardboard disposal. When you call us, our friendly staff will give you a quote based on the information you provide. We offer affordable cardboard disposal services.

There are no hidden costs for our cardboard recycling. Every cardboard removal project is unique, so the cost of disposal varies.

Yes, we do. We provide same-day rubbish removals and collection. We can give you estimates, quotes, and cardboard pick-up in one day. Call us today to benefit from our same-day cardboard removal services.

Our cardboard disposal starts at £50. The total cost of your cardboard disposal will depend on your needs. Our staff will provide you with a customised quote. You can get an accurate quote for your cardboard disposal within two minutes. Our services do not incur extra charges for labour and recycling.

Proper rubbish removal and waste management are important for keeping any property clean and preventing pets and other critters around the commercial property or home. Getting professional waste removal services is essential for maintaining your property.

Waste re-purposing and recycling are important to reduce the impact of waste on the environment. Correct waste removal and disposal will reduce environmental impact, whether perishable rubbish or electronic waste.

If you are renovating, carrying out a complete property overhaul, or clearing an open space, we will provide the expertise to handle any waste management needs. Professional waste removal and disposal are important for minimal disruption to activities and complete waste clearance.

When you choose us, rest assured that you are doing your part to preserve the environment.

If you have large amounts of cardboard for recycling and are a domestic customer, you can take the cardboard waste to the recycling site. Businesses with large volumes of waste need a registered waste carrier specialising in bulky cardboard recycling.

You can contact us to arrange for cardboard collections. We will advise you on the disposal, legal and storage options for removing large cardboard waste.

The first thing you should do before recycling cardboard is to ensure the cardboard load is clean and dry. Ensure you remove contaminated items because they aren't recyclable. Next is removing the excess tape, but you don't need to remove all the tape.

Ensure you pack the cardboard as flat as possible and store it in a container to keep it dry. If you want to recycle a large amount of cardboard, you can get the Mill Size baler, specific lidded containers or roll-off bins to store the cardboard.

Tetra Paks are plastic-coated cartons commonly used to pack juices and mil. Tetra Paks consists of 80% paper, while plastic and metal make up the remaining percentage of the cartons. You can't recycle Tetra Pak with normal single sheets or corrugated cardboard loads. However, several Tetra Pak recycling facilities are opening in the UK.

Generally, corrugated cardboard recycling is separate from paper recycling, and you can mix thinner cardboard with paper.

Different grades of cardboard can be recycled together if the load is dry and doesn't contain contaminants like chemicals, grease and food. Some wax-coated cardboards aren't recyclable, but they are biodegradable.

Business owners who produce regular volumes of cardboard in tonnes can get value for the cardboard collection or get free cardboard collections.

Cardboard is available globally, and the cost depends on large fluctuations. For instance, in 2020, the cardboard recycling cost was between £65 - £105 for a tonne. If you want to sell cardboard, ensure you remove the contaminants such as liquid, food, grease and Styrofoam-type packaging from the cardboard.

A cost-effective option to store cardboard for recycling is using mechanical balers because it ensures maximum returns and stores cardboard in the form required for recycling at the recycling facility. 

Business owners who produce regular volumes of cardboard in tonnes can get value for the cardboard collection or get free cardboard collections.

Cardboard is available globally, and the cost depends on large fluctuations. For instance, in 2020, the cardboard recycling cost was between £65 - £105 for a tonne. If you want to sell cardboard, ensure you remove the contaminants such as liquid, food, grease and Styrofoam-type packaging from the cardboard.

A cost-effective option to store cardboard for recycling is using mechanical balers because it ensures maximum returns and stores cardboard in the form required for recycling at the recycling facility.

Burning any materials is only a good alternative it provides sufficient fuel. Cardboard doesn't provide efficient fuel but releases gases and contaminants into the environment. Most local authorities have regulations on smokeless fuels, and burning cardboard falls short of the regulation.

Yes, they are. Most Amazon boxed are made from cardboard, making them easy to recycle. You can put the empty box in your domestic recycling bin if you get an Amazon home delivery. If you receive the delivery at your office, you can put the empty box in the commercial cardboard recycling bin, remove any tape and flatten the box.

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