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Air Conditioning Recycling

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Air Conditioning Recycling Ealing

Offering the finest AC recycling is what we do in Ealing

Wondering where you can get your business air conditioning recycled? We at Waste Removal Ealing provide an impressive disposal and recycling of ACs that have come to the end of their service life. Because they are classified as electrical waste, we can help you get rid of them according to WEEE regulations. Many businesses cannot do without air conditioning, but for a lot of people, the concept of responsible AC disposal is far from grasp.

What's good is that you don't have to pack that old AC for years. There are many options for removing your AC from your premises. You may consider reselling your unit to the manufacturer. You can also have the unit collected by the local council in your area.

But are these disposal methods fast enough? Not at all. They take time. The simplest and quickest way to get rid of your air conditioning is to get in touch with a  completely compliant waste removalist to come and carry and dispose of your unit. We can help you with this service.

Our AC recycling targets environmental preservation

Unlike food waste that goes straight into the bin, old air conditioning does not get dumped in bins. The gases that produce the cool air in your AC are HCFCs and CFCs - toxic and greenhouse gases. This is why you just can't trash your air conditioning like that.

To tell you how bad these AC gases are, did you know that they erode the ozone layer? This threatens human life the environmental safety. It also plays a role in global warming and lets in a lot of UVB rays to enter the atmosphere. These are the types that are responsible for cancer of the skin.

Because of how bad AC coolants are, the law forbids the dumping of old and used air conditioning alongside other garbage. This is why those who use AC in their homes or offices find it difficult to remove their units.

Air conditioning recycling at Waste Removal Ealing

None of the above worries will be yours anymore when you hire Waste Removal Ealing, as we will take care that those toxic gases don't hit the air. Our team is able to pick up your business air conditioning at your earliest convenience anywhere in Ealing. We can give you a certificate of description for keeps, and our customers that use our services repeatedly get discounts.

If you also need to dispose of your oven, microwave, washing machine, freezer and the like, we offer sustainable electrical waste disposal and recycling, so feel free to contact us.

Why hire us?

Industry-standard services

We are out to bring in and keep clients via steadily ethical disposal of all kinds of waste. Our team are well grounded to move the waste from anywhere in Ealing, so you don't have to stress yourself looking for a junk removalist.

100% compliance

Yes, we comply with the laws of the environment as it concerns disposal when getting rid of every type of waste so that you can be at peace while running your business. For each waste pickup, we offer a Junk Audit Report plus all the necessary paperwork.


We recycle waste every now and then. After collecting your junk, we will treat them at designated plants to check how highly recyclable they can be. Report for your recycled waste is also available for both new and existing customers.

Set a schedule for collection now

We are your number-one choice for anything electrical appliance recycling. Our team are positioned across Ealing to provide fast and schedule-fitting junk collection. Compared to other removalists, Waste Removal Ealing can offer you paperwork showing hitch-free disposal, and we can give you a discount if you use our service again.

Should you have an electric-powered gadget or appliance, including air conditioning, that needs to be disposed of? Please come to Waste Removal Ealing. Wondering where you can find us? We are at 12 Hay Hill, London W1J 8NR.

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