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Shed removal Chelsea 

Old sheds are usually aesthetically unappealing and, more importantly, pose a risk of injuries and require removal when the shed’s structural integrity is compromised. Waste Removal Chelsea carries out lots of shed removal in Chelsea.

If you have an old shed that needs removal, you can contact us for the job. Shed removal needs a lot of work and can be more difficult if you don’t have the experience and the right tools.

What does our shed removal service include?

  • Shed dismantling
  • Removing the shed’s debris
  • A quick rake up of the area and picking up debris under in the shed

You can benefit from the following when you contact us for your shed removal.

  • Courteous and friendly staff
  • Organised and careful decluttering assistance
  • Flexible services that fit your schedule
  • Large hauling capabilities

How much is a shed removal in Chelsea?

The following factors determine the cost of shed removal in Chelsea 

  • The shed’s height and size
  • Sheds with more shelves
  • Difficulty hauling the shed’s debris to the truck. If our team can pack close to the shed, the removal will cost less
  • The presence of outer and inner panels on the walls. Insulation is usually between the panels, which makes removal more difficult
  • The shed’s general build – sheds like the Tuff Shed are more difficult to remove

What are the factors that determine the price difference 

  • Woodshed removal cost factors  

The factors that determine the price difference for a wood shed removal include the shed’s size and height and the difficulty of demolishing the shed.

Handmade sheds are often overbuilt, and their dismantling is more difficult. You can identify a mass-produced or handmade shed through its build. An overbuilt shed has more materials than necessary. The structure of the frame and shelves look like they have more material to support the wall or function of the shelf. 

While the mass-produced sheds are generally easier to dismantle, some manufacturers make their sheds difficult to demolish. For example, the TUFF sheds. They are well-built sheds that need more expertise and time to dismantle.

Another factor is the walls. If the shed’s walls have both inner and outer panels, the dismantling will require more time due to the insulation present between the panels.

The shed’s age is another factor because older sheds are often easier to dismantle than newer sheds. The roof of the shed is also difficult to demolish. Roofs that cover more space per square footage with several layers cost more to demolish. If the shed is also high, its demolition will be more expensive than shorter sheds.

Lastly, access to the shed is important in determining the cost of the shed removal.

Metal shed removal cost factors  

Removing metal sheds is easier. However, it may cost more if the shed has rusted or stripped bolts. Most times, the bolts come out and dismantling the shed isn’t an issue, but several bolts may remain in place and require cutting off, which makes the shed removal’s cost higher.

A metal shed removal may also be more expensive if there is an obstruction on the bolts. In cases where the shed waste was coupled with a shrub or tree, and the shed remains in place for several years, the shrub or tree will grow and obstruct the shed removal.

Greenhouse removal cost factors

Removing greenhouses is often straightforward. However, the only issue is the foliage or trees that may get in the way. Also, greenhouses with lots of glass will cost more to demolish.

Playhouse removal cost factors

The cost for removing playhouses follows the general shed removal cost. There is no minimum cost for a small playhouse removal because they are easier to dismantle and removal is inexpensive.

Waste Removal Chelsea can handle your shed removal. Contact us on 020 37450982 to help remove your shed.


Yes, we do. We carry out playhouse removal, and it is an easy shed to remove.

You should ensure no rodents or rodents faeces are in the shed before demolition.

Yes, we can. Our team can remove your shed any time of the year, but shed removals are cheaper during winter months because most people do not request shed removal

If your shed has inner and outer wall panels, and there is a sign of electrical work in the shed, you should hire an electrician to disconnect the wiring. If the shed has single-panelled walls, you may not need an electrician, but you have to remove the wire before the shed removal.

If you want to save money and demolish the shed, you can still contact us to remove the debris. You can save up to 30% if you demolish the shed yourself.

Sheds made before 2004 have asbestos-containing materials, usually in the felt under the shingles. About half of sheds have felt, but we can remove the shed and dispose of it properly whether or not it has asbestos.

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