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IT Equipment Disposal and Clearance IT Equipment Disposal and Clearance
IT Equipment Disposal and Clearance

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IT Equipment Disposal and Clearance Chelsea 

There is more need to have computers recycled and IT equipment disposed of safely across Chelsea. Even legal and responsible data destruction is on the rise.

Keep these in mind:

  • 1 in 4 people do not recycle but dump their end-of-life computer
  • Over the last 5 years, 12.5 million computers were dumped in a UK landfill

Eco-friendly Chelsea IT equipment recycling and data destruction

For as many that like to do computer recycling and IT disposal the safe way, you are most welcome to Waste Removal Chelsea - the hub of reliable, planet-friendly digital removal. Our collections are safe, compliant, and targeted at recycling:

  • Photocopiers and printers
  • Hard drives
  • Servers, smartphones, mobile phones, tablets
  • Computers, laptops, monitors, and keyboards
  • Data equipment, EPOs, AV
  • A number of other IT gadgets and electronic waste

We collect and recycle computers  throughout Chelsea

At any time you need to recycle your old disposable computers, we are the ones to call. We will promptly arrive to collect your computers and IT and dispose of them according to WEEE waste regulations.

Whether you are a home or business in Chelsea, you can count on us for waste removal with a track record of responsible IT recycling. So, do you have an old hard drive and other IT equipment, go ahead and call us on 020 37450982.

When an upgrade of computer is required

In spite of the increase in electronic waste generated by homes and businesses annually in the country, many people find it difficult to remove their IT equipment responsibly and safely.

Those doing business in Chelsea usually require to upgrade their digital systems - computer and IT regularly. When a company is changing location or cutting back on staff and operation, it is usually a time when significant upgrades to computers are planned. This will trigger the collection and disposal of a large number of computers.

GDPR-compliant data destruction Chelsea

One cannot downplay the significance of business or personal data. It is a top priority that needs to be protected. And as for its disposal and recycling, it is not as easy as it sounds.

The secure disposal of private or corporate data and computer recycling in Chelsea should not be undermined, as any carelessness can be very costly.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective May 2018, dictates the standard to which data should be erased from all computer and IT equipment the moment they have outlived their service life. This legislation ties in with the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Your obligation under responsible disposal of WEEE

Following WEEE waste disposal standards, owners of homes and businesses are obligated to get rid of old computers and IT equipment correctly. Not heeding this regulation of ethical disposal of computers and and IT devices the right way can likely cause one to pay a serious fine of over £5,000.

Ensure that before you schedule a computer recycling and disposal of your IT wares, the provider is one that can responsibly dispose of and recycle these items for you.

IT disposal in Chelsea when you need it

Waste Removal Chelsea will recycle your old computers, dispose of your IT equipment after an upgrade, and remove data securely any time you need. Feel free to reach us for professional IT equipment collection and disposal if you are in Chelsea. Besides, our procedure is easy to use.

Our IT equipment collection process Chelsea

  • Schedule your collection on our online platform.

You can also choose to call us on the phone.

  • Call us on 020 37450982. We will plan your IT collection for a schedule-fitting day and time, and our team will be there on the said day.

No hidden fees

Waste Removal Chelsea always offers a quote upfront

Our customers are given clear prices beforehand. We offer the collection and disposal of one or more computers or varying IT equipment at a highly competitive rate. We don't overcharge our clients.

As our customer, we will call you while on our way to your place and when we get there.

Registered waste carrier

Waste Removal Chelsea is registered with the Environmental Agency for waste carriage. And we are specialists in IT equipment collection, disposal and recycling across Chelsea.

Our interest is in curbing the environmental pollution caused by flytipping and overflowing landfills.

95% legal waste disposal

Heavy metals are contained in most of the computers and IT devices we use. Examples are cadmium, lead, and mercury. The plastic parts of these devices are mostly manufactured from chemicals and anti-inflammable materials - these things pollute the environment and, eventually, humans.

As experts, we ensure that a vast majority of the IT gadgets we collect together with other specialist junk collections are recycled up to 95%.

IT data asset monitoring

All our operatives are well trained to collect computers without hassle and recycle them in eco-friendly ways. Even our data collection and disposal are secure. We do this for all our clients: residential, commercial, companies, local authorities, and other large organisations.

We take inventory of every data erasure, sales, collection, and recycling of IT equipment. This is why you can keep an eye on your IT devices from the time we collect them to when we dispose of them. We issue the following documentation:

Waste Transfer Note (WTN). When our team come to collect your computer and/or other IT devices

Asset inventory. We register all the items collected by model, serial number, manufacturer, and type of equipment

Vetted record of data deletion. We do this for the erasure of everything data and media

Sales reports. This captures the rebate value for resale equipment

Frequently asked questions on IT equipment disposal Chelsea

Simply reach out to our team on 020 37450982 and we will give you a comprehensive quote.

Really, really safe. We use advanced payment methods that guarantee the security and satisfaction of clients.

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