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Household waste removal disposal Household waste removal disposal
Household waste removal disposal

Have a break, Let Us handle your waste removal!

Household waste removal disposal collection Chelsea 

Whether you have lots of unwanted items and clutter in your home for removal or want to clear your home before moving to a new property, Waste Removal Chelsea is available to meet your needs.

We are a leading waste collection company in Chelsea and will help you efficiently and quickly clear your property at unbeatable prices and at a suitable time.

What does our household clearance service involve?

  • Furniture such as wardrobes, sofas and bed
  • Electrical items
  • White goods such as washing machines, tumbler dryers and fridge freezers
  • Bulky and heavy items such as safes and pianos
  • Personal items such as ornaments, clothes and general clutter
  • Domestic rubbish removals, such as clutter, household waste and hazardous materials

If the items you want to remove aren’t on the list above, contact us, and we will send you a quote for the waste removal.

If your old, unwanted furniture is still in good condition and has the appropriate tags, organisations like the British Heart Foundation may take them from your home free of charge. You can also contact local charities, refugees and hospices to check if they will need the items you want to get rid of before contacting us for professional clearance.

Professional home clearance

  • Sensitive house clearance

Although many people want to clear their homes and get rid of unwanted clutter, they find it difficult to see the project through. However, our friendly and experienced team will be prepared to handle your house clearance sensitively.

  • House clearance after bereavement

When someone close to you passes away, the last thing you may want to think about is your loved one’s house clearance. We will handle the house clearance on your behalf to ensure your mind is at rest and allow you to grieve.

Our expert team will carry out the house clearance considerately and carefully, checking for the items with potential sentimental or monetary value to ensure nothing you need gets thrown out.

  • Cluttered and hoarded house clearance

Compulsive hoarding disorder is a serious condition that requires sensitive handling. When clearing a house with major hoarding, whether it belongs to you or a family member, our well-trained team will come with the appropriate tools. Our specialist can carefully and strategically remove clutter from the hoarded property.

After we’ve removed unwanted items, we will ensure your property is clean, then leave everything in place but with less clutter.

Who are we?

Waste Removal Chelsea is a leading waste collection and disposal company based in Chelsea. We are experts in decluttering homes and removing unwanted household items. We have an experience and fully vetted team always available for your waste removal.

We have many dedicated collection vehicles in Chelsea, and our friendly team will clear your household waste within a few hours.

What we offer

  • Free call outs
  • 24-hour booking
  • Flexible services
  • Insured and certified services
  • Reliable, vetted and reputable waste collection experts
  • Handle house clearance of any size

We are a top-rated service provider

As a highly rated waste removal service in Chelsea, we’ve built a reputation over the years as a trusted waste removal and disposal service in Chelsea. Our experienced team provides excellent services to many clients, and our satisfaction rate is high. This gives us many returning clients, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with our services.

We provide same-day household clearances

We provide household clearance services throughout Chelsea. Regardless of your location in Chelsea, our expert team will quickly come to your home for an efficient same-day collection. We provide all our services at an affordable rate. You can trust us to get to your property in no time.

Flexible appointments

We can meet your needs if you need a small or big van for your household waste clearance. Our professional team will come to your property for the household clearance service whenever you are available.

We are proud of our flexible house clearance services, available anytime during the week and on weekends, including bank holidays.

Why choose us Waste Removal Chelsea 

  • We prioritise you

We are committed to meeting your needs and prioritising our customers. We will work around your schedule to offer high-quality and stress-free services.

  • Competitive and reasonable prices

We provide excellent services at unbeatable rates. Our household waste clearance pricing is transparent, with no hidden charges. We only charge for the waste we clear and not the time to complete the job. We take pride in providing customers with clear, comprehensive and affordable services.

  • Expert team

Our professionals have received full training in waste management and are experienced in carrying out the job following the highest standard. We also vet our clearance professionals to ensure exceptional client testimonials and ratings

  • Environmentally conscious

We have an excellent track record for protecting the environment, and we prioritise the environment. Regardless of the waste we collect, we will recycle it, and our waste recycling rate is over 80%.

Our recycling and reuse of waste responsibly and ethically prevent 90% of waste collected from ending up in landfills.

How to book our clearance service

  • Step 1

Contact our friendly and experienced team for a free, no-obligation quote.

  • Step 2

Book the house clearance with our friendly customer care representative 

  • Step 3

Our waste collection and removal will come to your house to collect all unwanted items

  • Step 4

Our team will recycle most items to reduce waste sent to landfills.

If you need household waste removal disposal and collection service in Chelsea, contact Waste Removal Chelsea at 020 37450982 to book our service.


A house clearance aims to remove unwanted items from a property. This may be for an entire home or only a room. This service is usually suitable when you have many items you want to dispose of or clear a room from clutter, like your garage, basement or attic.

We can remove all items. However, if you have a specific need, such as removing a hazardous or difficult-to-access item, ensure you inform us in advance to allow us to provide further details.

Our collection vans are for other purposes besides removing waste or rubbish. We also help people to move items during relocations. We can help you with shop or IT relocations and standard moves.

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Same Day Services

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