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Fridge and freezer disposal Fridge and freezer disposal
Fridge and freezer disposal

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Fridge and freezer Disposal Chelsea 

The UK law mandates that freezers and fridges be disposed of responsibly because they contain chlorofluorocarbon gases. Disposing of your fridge or freezer requires a fully licensed waste carrier.

Waste Removal Chelsea is a fully licensed waste removal company, and we can ensure your old freezer or fridge is disposed of properly and give you an electronic waste transfer note. We offer professional, quick and affordable services, making it easy to remove unwanted appliances, including freezers and fridges, from your property.

When you book our service, our friendly and experienced two-person team will come to your property with the right size of van and handle the heaving lifting for stress-free appliance removal.

Fridge removal in Chelsea 

It is illegal to dispose of your old fridge in any way that it releases harmful CFCs into the environment, meaning if you dispose of your old freezer or fridge outside your property, you are at risk of prosecution, unlimited fines and imprisonment.  

Some recycling facilities do not also accept fridges, so you may travel a long distance, put unnecessary strain on your vehicle, and still not have your old fridge taken. Fridges and freezers fall under hazardous waste, so it is compulsory to use a fully licensed professional fridge freezer removal company for responsible disposal.

Commercial fridge removal and disposal

Waste Removal Chelsea can make your commercial fridge removal and disposal quicker and easier. Removing and disposing of a commercial fridge isn’t always easy, but our experienced and well-trained professionals will handle it.

We remove and dispose of different heavy items daily. Whether you want to remove your residential or commercial fridge in Chelsea, we will be available to help.

Highly trained and experienced removers

You can be confident in our services when you contact us for your fridge or freezer removal. We have several years of experience in commercial and residential fridge and freezer disposal. Our team have been moving freezers, fridges, and other junk and unused appliances from business premises and household for several years.

Fridge and freezer removal may not be a quick and easy task, but our experience comes from extensive knowledge. We have qualified hands for the job, and they will handle it properly.

Many commercial fridges were installed with old techniques and methods, making them difficult to remove. However, our team can manage the removal. We will safely remove all objects to ensure nothing goes out of place.

Our expert team will ensure your space is in its original condition, so you have nothing to worry about.

How our service works

  • Contact us to book our fridge and freezer removal service and get a quote for removal. Our team will contact you when en route to your property.
  • When we come to your property, we will remove all appliances you want to dispose of
  • We will donate the old appliance if possible or recycle it

Remove your old fridge

An old fridge that isn’t functioning doesn’t only take up space, but it can also be a source of uncleanliness. If a fridge isn’t working, it begins to build mould and can become an issue.  

Whether the fridge is installed in a hard-to-remove way or huge, our team will remove it within a short time, and you do not have to lift a finger while we complete the task.  

We will also recycle the fridge to ensure you play a role in reducing climate change and protecting the environment. Our fridge and freezer removal service is also affordable.

If you are in Chelsea, contact Waste Removal Chelsea at 020 37450982 to book our commercial or residential fridge, freezer removal, and disposal service.

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