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Wood Waste Collection Wood Waste Collection
Wood Waste Collection

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Wood Waste Collection, Removal and Disposal Camden

Our techniques for collecting and disposing of wood waste are exceptionally vast. The energy recovery industry uses wood. And all the wood that comes out is put into electricity production and consequently channelled to the national grid.

Collecting and disposing of wood waste in Camden

There are options for this. Either we provide you with skips - and we can make available skips with a capacity ranging from 12 to 40 yards. Our team can make arrangements to take out the contents of these skips on a schedule or whenever you deem necessary. Alternatively, our big vans can be used to remove your wood waste. A lot of customers prefer this option because of its cost-effectiveness.

Wood wastes are primarily classified into two:

  • A grade - that can be completely recycled though it comes down to volume,
  • And the B/C grade - this is wood that has previously been in use as in the case of sheds, furniture, fencing, and many more

There is toxic wood waste like telegraph poles and railway sleepers. These ones are disposed of in an entirely different way - they are combusted under highly controlled temperatures in adherence to rigid regulations resulting in very pricey disposal. Schedule your wood waste collection and disposal with us today.

Wood waste and energy recovery Camden

Our professional team will collect your wood waste accordingly and take them to the energy sector, where they are subjected to a recovery process and used to make electricity which is stored up in the national grid.

Wood waste types Camden

So many industrial activities lead to wood waste generation, and they are grouped into two, which influences the cost of disposal.

The Grade A wood - this is clean wood like pallets and can be recycled completely.

The Grade B and C wood - dirty wood like fence panels or wood that has undergone treatment. This class of wood goes into the production of power in the CHP plants constructed around the country. Harmful wood waste are the sleepers and telegraph poles and are not treated like the other grades of wood (A, B and C).

How we collect and dispose of wood waste in Camden

Have wood waste? Don't know how to dispose of it? Kindly get in touch with our friendly team, and we will gladly help. We will pay a visit to your premises to see your wood waste and identify its grade, whether it be A, B or C.

Then we will present you with an estimate. If it goes down well with you, our team will supply you with appropriate containers to collect the wood waste till the time of disposal.


Wood is not allowed in landfills.

To recover energy and produce electricity.

Buoyed by our vast experience in supporting cost-effective disposal of wood waste from small to large organisations, we can help you deal responsibly with your wood waste. We recycle this waste extensively and convert the byproducts into valuables. Just call us to know more about how we can manage your wood waste effectively.

020 37450982 is the number to call. We will advise you better on how to deal with wood waste so it doesn't go to the landfill, and you will save your business resources. Don't worry about our rates; they are highly competitive and will fit into your budget.

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