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IT Equipment Disposal

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IT Equipment Disposal and Clearance Camden

Our lives today are being influenced by the use of Information Technology (IT) and computers. These advancements have changed so many lives positively and made work ten times easier. However, it has a serious downswing. Many computerised devices are loaded with private data that can cause grave danger if they get into the hands of corrupt people.

The way out of this is to make sure every private and expert hard drive and IT gadget are appropriately removed at the right time, so there is no mistake. At Waste Removal Camden, we give you our word that each time we dispose of your IT equipment, it will be simple, safe, and have a positive impact on the environment.

Destroying your hard drives in Camden

We boast several years of experience in destroying IT assets, secure data and hard drives. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet DoD standards per our data destruction policies. To this end, our customers are one hundred percent compliant and your personal data is thoroughly and forever annihilated. As a company that thrives on transparency, we record the whole procedure of hard drive destruction via reports and certificates.

Our customers' confidentiality is important to us as well as the safety of the environment. What we mean is that we recycle and make further use of every part as much as possible. All private information from hard drives are one hundred percent deleted, be it a good hard drive or a faulty one. When they are totally data free, the functioning hard drives are taken for continuing use. And the faulty drives are demolished into single parts and used again in the latest products.

Destroying IT assets Camden

We strongly advise that organisations should leverage our reliable disposal of IT assets so as to avoid vandals getting hold of these devices and the data within. How are we sure of the complete deletion of data? Here at Waste Removal London, we have varying ways via which data destruction can be guaranteed. Either we employ the degaussing method, disk-wiping, or physical demolition of the hardware.

Here are some IT equipment for which care must be taken when disposing of:

  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Printers

Waste Removal Camden is a good choice for disposing of your IT equipment

We treat the confidentiality and safety of our business and individual customers as very important, making sure their personal or corporate data are legally destroyed in an eco-friendly fashion. You can count on us to be careful about handling and disposing of all your IT equipment. And we provide on-site and off-site paper shredding services. It is our pleasure to offer tailored and flexible services for your needs.

Would you like a quote? A booking? Or further information? Please dial 020 37459802, and you will be greeted by the friendly voice of our professional customer service. We love helping businesses and people secure their data via responsible disposal of IT devices.

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