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Cardboard collection

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Cardboard collection Camden

Modern businesses are more environmentally conscious than in the last decade. Many business owners are beginning to understand the importance of recycling and now recycle more of their waste. Recycling has become a norm and is vital for any business’s ethical and environmental credentials.

Recycling helps to attract customers, benefits the environment, and helps your organisation play a role in reducing waste and meeting legislation. Cardboard recycling for businesses is a good recycling practice, and you can trust Waste Removal Camden for your cardboard collection and recycling

Cardboard collections

  • What is cardboard?

Cardboard is heavy-duty paper commonly used for packing materials. Cardboard has been available since the 15th century. It is available in a single-layer sheet but also in different corrugated variants with flat surfaces around s-shaped flutes. Cardboard now consists of a significant amount of recycled fibres.

  • Why is recycling cardboard easy?

Cardboard is one of the most commonly recycled materials because it is made from fibres already processed from trees.

  • Why can I not burn my cardboard?

Burning any waste is only a good alternative if it gives efficient fuel. However, burning cardboard doesn’t provide efficient fuel but releases gases and contaminants into the environment.

Most local authorities regulate smokeless fuel, and burning cardboard produces smoke. Burning cardboard instead of recycling leads to a waste of reusable resources.

  • How will cardboard recycling benefit my business?

Recycling may not be the easiest solution as it incurs commercial recycling costs and requires staff training, including the space implications, but cardboard recycling is one of the easiest materials to pack, store and send for recycling.

The benefits of recycling cardboard include meeting your legal obligation, business reputation and environmental regulation.

  • How do I increase the value of my cardboard waste?

Cardboard is a global market, and its costs fluctuate often. The price of cardboard recycling in 2020 was between £65 and £105 per tonne. To sell cardboard, you should ensure it is free of contaminants like grease, Styrofoam-type packaging, liquid and foam.

A cost-effective option for storing cardboard you want to recycle is in bales, which also ensures maximum financial return because the cardboard is already in the form required for recycling. You can get a mechanical baler to store cardboard.

If you need to dispose of smaller amounts of cardboard regularly, you can contact Waste Removal Camden for a low-cost collection.

  • Can I combine different cardboard grades for recycling?

Recycling different grades of cardboard together is possible, provided the recycling load is dry and not contaminated with chemicals, grease or food. Some wax-coated cardboards aren’t recyclable but biodegradable.

  • Can I combine cardboard and paper for recycling?

Generally, corrugated cardboard recycling is separate from paper recycling, but you can mix thinner cardboard with paper loads during recycling.

  • Can I recycle pizza boxes?

Most pizza boxes consist of corrugated cardboard and have recycling symbols, so they are recyclable. However, avoid including cardboard boxes contaminated with food or grease because they make the recycling load useless.

  • Can Tetra Pak cardboard be recycled?

Tetra Paks are cartons coated with plastic. These cartons are commonly used for packaging juices and milk. Although they contain 80% paper-based materials, they still contain small traces of metal and plastic. This prevents these cartons from getting recycled with corrugated cardboard or single sheet loads. However, more recycling centres for Tetra Paks are opening up in the UK.

  • What do I need to do before recycling cardboard?

If you want to recycle cardboard, you first should ensure the cardboard is dry and clean. Ensure you remove any contaminated items because they aren’t recyclable, then remove excess tapes from the cardboard, but you do not have to remove all tapes for the recycling process.

Park the cardboard as flat as possible and store it in a container that keeps it dry. If you want to recycle large amounts of cardboard, get baler, roll-off bins or specific lidded containers.

  • What do I need to do if I have large amounts of cardboard for recycling?

If you’ve stored large amounts of cardboard for recycling from your home, you can take it to your local recycling centre. However, this may not be possible for businesses with large amounts of cardboard for disposal. You can contact Waste Removal Camden for your waste management needs, including collecting and recycling cardboard waste.

Cardboard disposal

  • What happens after recycling cardboard?

The cardboard gets sorted into corrugated boards and flat sheets or boxboards at the recycling facility. Although recycling paper with cardboard is possible, keeping grades separate is important because different grades of cardboard are for different products following recycling. 

The next step is shredding the cardboard into smaller pieces and mixing it with chemicals and water for a slurry mixture. After making this recycled pulp, it is combined with small amounts of new pulp made from wood chips. The mixture undergoes a series of filtering, centrifugal and chemical processes to remove ink, plastic tape and metals.

The cleaned pulp gets dried and pressed to make long sheets and glued together to produce new cardboard.

Cardboard is a useful material for different things, including packaging. The rate of cardboard recycling is high, and with more new products containing recycled fibres, cardboard recycling is set to be the most recycled material.

Cardboard recycling bins

Besides constituting a significant amount of waste from businesses, it also takes up a lot of space. Many organisations throw away their cardboard because they do not have the space to store large amounts of cardboard.

Recycling cardboard is an easy and safe way to restore resources for your business. It is important for your business not to fail in recycling useful resources.

Waste Removal Camden can provide low-cost cardboard recycling bins for daily, weekly or monthly cardboard collections. We will provide you with efficient options to manage your business’s cardboard recycling.

We can make all bin types available for cardboard waste, including the following.

  • 240L cardboard bin
  • 360L cardboard bin
  • 660L cardboard bin
  • 1100L cardboard bin

You can also get larger storage options like cardboard skips, rear-end and front loaders, roll-on roll-off, compactors and balers. If you aren’t sure which container your business needs, call us, and we will advise you on the right bin choice.

Benefits of cardboard recycling

You save about 17 trees when you recycle a tonne of cardboard. Recycling cardboard also reduces dumping waste in landfill, and because recycling doesn’t incur tax, you also save your business more money.

We can provide you with cardboard recycling bins to meet your business’s needs. Our cardboard collection services are available throughout Camden.

Cardboard and paper recycling

Producing a tonne of cardboard requires 17 trees, 42,000KW of energy, 79 gallons of oil and 7000 gallons of water. Recycling cardboard can help save these resources.

Cardboard recycling and collections in Camden

Waste Removal Camden offers businesses a simple and low-cost solution for their cardboard recycling needs. Regardless of your location in Camden, our expert team can come to collect your cardboard and recycle it.

We prioritise reducing the impact of excess waste on the environment by collecting, disposing and recycling wastes, including cardboard. Whether you have small or large quantities of cardboard for recycling, call us, and we will happily collect it for recycling.  

Why choose Waste Removal Camden?

  • Customer-first

We prioritise our customers and respect their needs, which makes us different from other waste management companies. We offer reliable services and inform you of the steps involved in your cardboard collection and recycling. Our cardboard collection services are also flexible, so you can book your collection at a convenient time.

  • Sustainable recycling

We are committed to offering carbon-neutral waste collection and focused on sustainability while ensuring reusable or recyclable materials do not go to waste.

  • Efficient process

We provide same-day collections, and you can rely on us for a fast cardboard collection. We work to ensure minimal disruption to your daily activities.

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