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Shed removal

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Shed removal Camden

Old sheds can make your backyard or garden look less attractive and pose the risk of injuries if the shed's structure is no longer strong. This makes removing the shed necessary, but you can also remove your shed if you have no use for it or create space for a new project.

Removing a shed for whatever reason takes a while and a lot of work, especially if you do not have the right tools. However, you can contact Waste Removal London to offer shed removal services.

Our shed removal service ensures stress-free and easy shed removal. Our professional team can remove and properly dispose of your shed.

What does our shed removal service include?

  • Removing all shed debris
  • Shed dismantling
  • Debris clearance

We do not charge additional fees for our shed removal services.

Why choose us?

  • Flexible service
  • Professional and friendly team members
  • Organised and careful decluttering assistance
  • We remove large items

Cost of shed removal in Camden

The cost of shed removal in Camden varies depending on the following.

  • The shed's size and height
  • Number of shelves
  • Difficulty loading debris in our van. For example, if we can easily drive to where the shed is, the removal will be less expensive
  • Presence of inside and outside wall panels for insulation
  • The shed's general builds. For example, the Tuff shed is more difficult to remove and costs more

Factors that determine the price difference

The factors affecting the shed's price include its height, size, and difficulty removing the shed.

Handmade sheds are usually overbuilt, making them more difficult to remove. You can easily identify is a shed is handmade or mass-produced. A handmade shed will likely have more materials than necessary.  

If the shelves and structure of the shed look like it has more materials than necessary to support the function of the wall or shelf, the shed is handmade. However, some manufacturers make their shed difficult to demolish, such as the Tuff shed. Tuff sheds are often well-built and may take much work to dismantle.

You also have to factor in the wall. If the walls have outside and inside panels, it will take double the time to dismantle due to the insulation between them.

Another factor is the shed's age. Older sheds are usually easier to dismantle than newer sheds. The roof of the shed also affects the shed removal price. Dismantling the roof is the most difficult part of shed removal. If the shed's roof has several layers or much coverage for the square footage, its removal per square foot will cost more.

The last factor is access to the shed. If we can't drive the shed close to the shed, loading it in the van may be difficult.

Cost factors for a metal shed removal

Removing metal sheds is often easier and only expensive when the bolts are rusted or stripped. In most cases, the bolts come right out, but sometimes, many bolts do not come off and will require cutting off, which makes the shed removal more expensive. We will inform you during the shed removal if this is the case.

A metal shed removal may also be expensive if something obstructs the bolt removal. Sometimes sheds supported by shrubs or trees may be difficult to remove from the shrub or tree grows and obstructs the shed removal.

Cost factors for greenhouse shed removal

Greenhouses are generally easy to remove, but trees or foliage may get in the way of the shed removal. Greenhouse sheds with lots of glass are more expensive to remove.

Cost factors for playhouse removal

The cost of a playhouse removal follows the same guidelines as general shed removal. Removing a small playhouse doesn't have a minimum cost, but it is easier to dismantle and less expensive to remove.

How much is a shed removal in Camden?

You can contact Waste Removal Camden to know the cost of your shed removal in Camden. We can quickly provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Why choose us for your shed removal?

  • We use the right equipment and tools to ensure a quick shed removal
  • We have large vehicles that allow us to remove your shed quickly
  • We are experienced in shed removal
  • We are fully insured

Call us now on 020 37450982 for more information on our shed removal services.


Yes, we do. We can remove your playhouse, which is less expensive than shed removals.

These rodents and their faeces need to go before the shed demolition.

We can remove your shed at any time of the year. However, shed removal may be cheaper during the winter months.

If your shed has two wall panels and there is electricity in the shed, contact an electrician to disconnect the wiring. If the shed has single-panelled walls, then you may not need to contact an electrician, but the wires need removal before the shed removal.

If you want to cut costs and demolish the shed yourself, you can contact us to remove the shed debris.

Sheds made before 2004 usually have materials made with asbestos, such as the felt under the shingles. About half of the sheds have felt. Whether or not your shed has asbestos, we can remove it and dispose of it properly.

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