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Garage clearance Garage clearance
Garage clearance

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Garage removal collection clearance Fulham

About 75% of families use their garages to store old items they no longer need. Garages are quite convenient for storing items as the large space easily accommodates your car and other stuff.

Most people take advantage of this to keep unnecessary items instead of disposing of them. However, these items become excess and fill up the garage at some point.

If you decide to clear these items, you’d have to consider how to arrange and sort them, deal with the heavy item and carry them for disposal. Instead of worrying about these things for your garage clearance, you can contact Waste Removal Fulham to handle it.

We will provide an expert and reliable team to remove all unwanted items in your garage at your convenience. We provide different rubbish removal and disposal services.

How our garage clearance works

  • Step 1 – Contact Waste Removal Fulham

You can contact us to book our garage removal, collection and clearance services and for more information on all our services.

  • Step 2 – Get a quote

We will send you the garage clearance quote based on the information you provide and photos of the items you want to remove.

  • Step 3 – Schedule our garage clearance service

Our friendly team will help you to book a convenient time for the garage clearance. You can also get a same-day service if you call us before 10 am.

  • Step 4 – Garage clearance

Our professional team will come to your property to remove and load the unwanted items from your garage into our van.

  • Step 5 – Recycling

After the garage clearance, our team will transport the cleared items to a nearby recycling facility for processing.

We will come to your property with the necessary tools to clear your garage and any mess to ensure you have a clean garage.

We will need a detailed explanation of the rubbish clearance process, such as the exact items you want us to clear and those you still need so you don’t lose valuable items. We recommend separating the items you want to remove from those that will remain. This allows our team complete the job with or without your supervision.

We understand the difficulties of dealing with hoarders, so we are sensitive and careful in these situations.

However, we advise seeking professional help before contacting us for clearance. You don’t have to worry about where the items we remove will end up, as we guarantee the right management of cleared items.

What do you remove from garages?

We remove all items from unwanted or old furniture to carpets or rugs, electrical appliances, tools, bikes, machinery, hoarded items and all kinds of waste. You can contact us to remove the following:

  • Car batteries
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Freezers and fridges
  • Gas bottles
  • Paint
  • Scrap metal
  • Tools
  • Used engine oil

Cost of garage clearance


Loading time

Cost excl. tax

Min charge or 50kg

10 minutes


1000kg or full van

60 minutes


300kg or 1/4

20 minutes


500kg or 2/4

40 minutes


800 kg or 3/4

50 minutes


Please note:

  • Our van can carry up to 14 cubic yards of waste, which equals 2.5 skips
  • The quote provided via the phone is not final because it does cover access to your property, the weight of appliances and parking
  • Our garage clearance pricing is based on loading time, volume, weight disassembling of furniture and appliances, and packaging
  • If access to your property is difficult, you will pay an extra charge

Trusted garage clearance

Our goal is to ensure everyone considering our garage clearance and other services have trust in us to complete the task with or without their supervision. We’ve provided contact details of our past clients, and you can contact us for further details.

Contact Waste Removal Fulham today on 020 37450982 to book our garage removal collection clearance service.

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