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Cardboard collection Fulham

Modern businesses are becoming more environmentally aware than in the last decades. Most managers now understand the importance of recycling and are willing to engage in recycling. Recycling is now a norm and necessary for a business’s ethical and environmental credentials.

It attracts customers, helps to meet legislation and benefits the environment. Cardboard is one of the most commonly used materials in homes and businesses. Cardboard quickly accumulates, and instead of letting it pile up, you can opt for recycling.

Cardboard recycling is an aspect of good recycling waste; it is important for many businesses. Waste Removal Fulham is a leading waste management company specialising in cardboard removal and recycling. We provide reliable, cost-effective and efficient cardboard collection services in Fulham.

Our cardboard collection services have no hidden costs, and we always opt for sustainable disposal. Whether you have cardboard waste or only a small quantity, we can collect and pack them and send them for recycling.

Cardboard collections

What is cardboard?

Cardboard is heavy-duty paper commonly used as packaging material. It is older than most people imagine and was first used during the 15th century in China. Cardboard is available in different forms, such as single-layer sheets but mostly in corrugated forms with flat surfaces surrounding S-shaped flutes.

Cardboard recycling has become common as more cardboard contains recycled fibre.

Why is recycling cardboard easy?

Cardboard is a commonly recycled material because the fibres used to make it are already processed from trees.

Why can I not burn cardboard?

Burning any materials is only a good alternative it provides sufficient fuel. Cardboard doesn’t provide efficient fuel but releases gases and contaminants into the environment. Most local authorities have regulations on smokeless fuels, and burning cardboard falls short of the regulation.

How does recycling cardboard benefit a business?

Recycling waste isn’t always easy, as it involves commercial recycling costs, staff training, contamination and space implications. However, cardboard is an easy material to pack, store and transport for recycling.

The benefits of recycling include meeting legal obligations, maintaining your business reputation and environmental protection.

How do I maximise the value of cardboard waste?

Business owners who produce regular volumes of cardboard in tonnes can get value for the cardboard collection or get free cardboard collections.

Cardboard is available globally, and the cost depends on large fluctuations. For instance, in 2020, the cardboard recycling cost was between £65 - £105 for a tonne. If you want to sell cardboard, ensure you remove the contaminants such as liquid, food, grease and Styrofoam-type packaging from the cardboard.

A cost-effective option to store cardboard for recycling is using mechanical balers because it ensures maximum returns and stores cardboard in the form required for recycling at the recycling facility. 

Can I mix different cardboard grades in a recycling load?

Different grades of cardboard can be recycled together if the load is dry and doesn’t contain contaminants like chemicals, grease and food. Some wax-coated cardboards aren’t recyclable, but they are biodegradable.

Can I mix paper and cardboard for recycling?

Generally, corrugated cardboard recycling is separate from paper recycling, and you can mix thinner cardboard with paper.

Can I recycle my pizza boxes?

Pizza boxes often have recycling symbols made from corrugated cardboard, making them recyclable. However, you can’t recycle pizza boxes if they are contaminated with food or grease, as they make the load useless.

Can I recycle Tetra Pak cardboard?

Juices and milk are packed in Tetra Paks, which are plastic-coated cartons. Tetra Paks consists of 80% paper. Plastic and metal make up the remaining percentage of the cartons. You can’t recycle Tetra Pak with normal single sheets or corrugated cardboard loads. However, several Tetra Pak recycling facilities are opening in the UK.

What do I need to do before cardboard recycling?

The first thing you should do before recycling cardboard is to ensure the cardboard load is clean and dry. Ensure you remove contaminated items because they can’t be recycled. Next is removing the excess tape, but you don’t need to remove all the tape. 

Ensure you pack the cardboard as flat as possible and store it in a container to keep it dry. If you want to recycle a large amount of cardboard, you can get the Mill Size baler, specific lidded containers or roll-off bins to store the cardboard.

What can I do if I have large amounts of cardboard for recycling?

If you are a domestic customer with large amounts of cardboard for recycling, you can take it to your local recycling facility. However, you can contact a specialised waste management company like ours to manage your cardboard recycling.

Cardboard disposal

  • What happens to recycled cardboard?

When cardboard waste arrives at the recycling site, the professionals sort it into corrugated boards, flat sheets or boxboards. While cardboard recycling is essential, you need to separate the cardboard because it goes into different products after recycling.

Next is shredding the cardboard into small pieces and mixing it with chemicals and water to achieve a slurry mixture. The recycling professionals will mix the recycled pulp with small amounts of pulp obtained from wood chips. This mixture undergoes filtering, centrifugal and chemical processes, which remove the plastic, tape, metal and ink. The clean pulp is dried and pressed into long sheets glued together to form new cardboard. Cardboard has different uses, such as a wide range of packaging options.  

  • Recycling bins for cardboard

Cardboard makes up a significant amount of waste businesses produce and takes up a large amount of space.

Many companies dispose of cardboard waste because they don’t have sufficient storage space for large amounts of cardboard. Recycling cardboard is easy, safe, and a good alternative to restoring resources in your business. It is important for any business to always recycle useful resources, such as cardboard

Waste Removal Fulham can provide low-cost cardboard recycling bins to manage your cardboard collection and recycling needs. We can collect your waste weekly or monthly collections for efficient cardboard recycling.

Our cardboard collection bins include the following:

  • 240L cardboard bin
  • 360L cardboard bin
  • 660L cardboard bin
  • 1100L cardboard bin

Larger cardboard storage options for recycling include compactors, roll-on, roll-off, rear-end loaders, cardboard skips and balers. If you are unsure about the container you need for your cardboard collection, contact us for more information.

Benefits of cardboard recycling

Recycling a tonne of cardboard can save about 17 trees and reduce the amount of waste dumped in landfills. Cardboard recycling doesn’t incur landfill tax, saving your business more money.

Several cardboard recycling bins are available to meet your business’s waste requirement. We can provide you with the right size of bins and collect your cardboard for recycling.

Cardboard and paper recycling

Producing a tonne of cardboard needs 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 79 gallons of oil and 42,000 kilowatts of energy. Recycling cardboard is important because it prevents wasting valuable resources

Why choose Waste Removal Fulham

  • Customer-first

We are an exceptional waste management company in Fulham because we respect our customers and prioritise their needs. We ensure our services are trustworthy, transparent and respectful, keeping you updated at every step. We also make our services flexible to your time and needs.

  • Sustainable recycling

We are proud to provide carbon-neutral waste removal services in Fulham. Our services are focused on ensuring nothing goes wrong and sustainability.

  • Efficient process

We provide same-day cardboard and other waste removal services. We complete every job quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your day.

We will arrange the cardboard collection at any time suitable for you, collect the boxes and break them down, clean them up and load them into our van to transport them to the recycling facility. Our cardboard collection and removal are affordable and available to both commercial and residential properties.

We understand that cardboard waste can take up a lot of space, so we can quickly come to your property to pick up the cardboard.

If you are in Fulham and need a cardboard collection, call Waste Removal Fulham on 020 37450982 to book our services.

FAQs on cardboard collection and recycling

Yes, we can. Our cardboard collection and removal service is available even at weekends. We can collect cardboard from your home office or commercial site during the week and recycle it. We are always available to collect cardboard and other items for disposal.

Yes, you can. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your cardboard disposal. When you call us, our friendly staff will give you a quote based on the information you provide. We offer affordable cardboard disposal services.

There are no hidden costs for our cardboard recycling. Every cardboard removal project is unique, so the cost of disposal varies.

Yes, we do. We provide same-day rubbish removals and collection. We can give you estimates, quotes, and cardboard pick-up in one day. Call us today to benefit from our same-day cardboard removal services in Fulham.

Our cardboard disposal starts at £50. The total cost of your cardboard disposal will depend on your needs. Our staff will provide you with a customised quote. You can get an accurate quote for your cardboard disposal within two minutes. Our services do not incur extra charges for labour and recycling.

Proper rubbish removal and waste management are important for keeping any property clean and preventing pets and other critters around the commercial property or home. Getting professional waste removal services is essential for maintaining your property.

Waste re-purposing and recycling are important to reduce the impact of waste on the environment. Correct waste removal and disposal will reduce environmental impact, whether perishable rubbish or electronic waste.

If you are renovating, carrying out a complete property overhaul, or clearing an open space, we will provide the expertise to handle any waste management needs. Professional waste removal and disposal are important for minimal disruption to activities and complete waste clearance.

When you choose Waste Removal Fulham, rest assured that you are doing your part to preserve the environment.

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