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Management of waste in Islington

Management of waste in Islington simply involves the proper recycling and disposal of waste and rubbish. To properly carry out waste management, the location's geography and size must be considered. Over the years, waste disposal has been something not taken very seriously, leading to waste disposal in landfills, sewers and even drains, including waste that should not be disposed of in such places.

Fortunately, the environmental laws and regulations put in place have ensured that wastes are properly recycled or disposed of. Certain wastes have become the responsibility of some bodies, organisations and individuals. For example, people carrying out building, renovation and construction works are required to properly dispose of the waste generated during their activity, and the same applies to other organisations and individuals.

Minimisation of landfilling and subsequent recycling in Islington

Although measures have been taken to ensure the proper disposal of waste, it does not stop or limit the fact that huge amounts of waste are still sent to landfills now and then. Statistics have shown that landfills still contain the greater part of waste at the end of the day. Sadly, this is a very dangerous situation, as landfills create more greenhouse emissions, unlike other forms of waste disposal like incineration. This leaves room for concern as lots of people wonder what can be done to manage the situation.

Fortunately, some things can be done to reduce the rate at which waste is disposed of in landfills, and one of them is to increase the rate of recycling. If more waste can be recycled, there are greater chances of waste management being under control soon. Unfortunately, there is one material that poses a threat to increased recycled rate, and it is plastic.

Plastic is one waste material that is not recycled as much as it should be. Statistics showed that only less than 20% of plastic ends up being recycled, while the rest is disposed of in landfills. With increased recycling rates of plastics, we would have a much better shot at dealing with the environmental harm it causes.

Short-term management of waste and rubbish

If we have any hope of effectively managing waste and rubbish moving forward, we must first begin management in steps, and this involves the management of waste and rubbish in the home front, offices and business areas. With waste containers and rubbish bins made available, it is much easier to embark on temporal storage of waste until it is time for disposal. You can contact us at Waste Removal Islington for the supply of these bins and containers and for interval pick up and collection of waste.

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