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Loft clearance Loft clearance
Loft clearance

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Loft clearance Islington

Lofts are commonly used to store items like suitcases, relics, Christmas decorations, old equipment, junk from former habits, sports gear, and other stuff. However, if you sincerely ask yourself if you need these items, you’d realise you don’t need them.

Your loft can serve other important purposes and give you more room in your home. If you decide to clear your loft, we can help make the loft clearance fast and stress-free. We will dispose of any waste from your loft in an eco-friendly way.  

We also help decontaminate the loft, so we advise removing your children and pets from the house or planning an outing to avoid hazards.

We also advise preparing for the loft clearance as it can be sentimental. Decide on the items you want to remove and those you will keep. You can also book our other rubbish removal services.

Why choose Waste Removal Islington for your loft clearance?

We are a vetted loft clearance company with high ratings. You can check our reviews to know what our past clients say about our exceptional services. We work carefully to ensure your loft is clean and tidy.

We have several years of experience carrying out loft clearances in Islington. Our expertise and experience have played a vital role in our continued success, and we also prioritise our customers.

Our expert clearance team will come to your property with our dedicated van to collect all unwanted items from your loft and transport them for disposal.

What do we clear from lofts?

  • Electronic items
  • Furniture
  • Documents and files
  • Boxes
  • Junk and rubbish

We dispose of all items in an eco-friendly way and recycle them at the appropriate recycling facility. We can also send your unwanted items o charities and only dispose of them in landfills as a last resort.  

Our waste clearance and removal services are more eco-friendly than hiring a skip. You can contact us from any location in Islington and have our experts come to you in no time to clear your loft.

How does our loft clearance service work?

  • Step 1 – Call Waste Removal Islington

Contact our friendly and experienced team to book our loft clearance service, and our professional team will discuss your needs and provide information on our services.

  • Step 2 – Get a free, no-obligation clearance quote

After you inform us what the job involves and send photos of the items to remove, we will send you a free, no-obligation clearance quote.

  • Step 3 – Book the loft clearance service

Pick a suitable time, and we will arrange for the loft clearance. We also provide same-day loft clearance if you contact us early.

  • Step 4 – Loft clearance

Our professionals will come to your flat to collect and load the unwanted items for disposal into our van

  • Step 5 – Recycling

Following the loft clearance, our professional team will transport any cleared items to the appropriate recycling centre.

Our experienced and committed team will come to your property at any location in Islington. Our professional will come to your property at the agreed time for the loft clearance and properly dispose of unwanted items to give you a clean and large space for other purposes or store useful household items in an organised way.

You can sell, donate, or keep the items. After handing over the items you do not need, we will sort them to separate those we will donate, revamp, recycle, discard and reuse.

Loft clearance cost


Loading time

Cost excl. tax

Min charge or 50kg

10 minutes


1000kg or full van

60 minutes


300kg or 1/4

20 minutes


500kg or 2/4

40 minutes


800 kg or 3/4

50 minutes


Please note:

  • Our van can carry up to 14 cubic yards of waste, which equals 2.5 skips
  • We give an estimated quote over the phone, and it isn’t final because it does not cover access to your property, the waste’s weight and parking
  • Our loft clearance cost depends on volume, loading time, weight, packaging, and disassembling of appliances and furniture.
  • We will charge you an extra fee if we do not have easy access to your property

Trusted loft clearance and rubbish removal service

Our goal is to ensure that those considering our services have complete trust in the services we offer, with or without their supervision. You can contact us for more information on our services and check our past clients’ testimonials.

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