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Fridge and freezer disposal Fridge and freezer disposal
Fridge and freezer disposal

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Fridge and freezer disposal Islington

Waste Removal Islington makes unwanted appliances such as freezers and fridge disposal easy. Our professionals will quickly and carefully remove your fridge. We are an experienced and reliable waste management company in Islington, and you can trust us to remove your appliance at a time convenient for you.

Highly trained and experienced removers

We have several years of experience removing and disposing of freezers and fridges. Our team have been helping businesses and households to remove freezers, fridges, and other junk and unwanted appliances.

Although fridge and freezer removal isn’t an easy job, our experience makes us knowledgeable and experts in this job.

Many commercial fridges were installed with old techniques and methods, making them difficult to remove. However, our team can carefully remove any fridge. We will safely remove all objects to ensure nothing falls out of the original position. We will ensure your space is clean and complete the job within a short time.

Old fridge removal

Old, unused fridges take up space and make your business space look unclean. If a fridge isn’t working, it starts to build moulds, but you can contact us to remove it. Removing an old fridge isn’t a job for one person, especially commercial fridges.

Whether the fridge is heavy and large or its installation makes it hard to remove, our team will handle it quickly. When you contact us, you don’t have to lift a finger for our fridge or freezer removal.

How our service works

Fridge and freezer removal in Islington

Disposing of fridges with methods that release harmful CFCs into the atmosphere is illegal. You may risk a fine, prosecution and imprisonment if you dump your old freezer or fridge outside your property.

Some waste recycling facilities do not also accept fridges, so if you want to dispose of your fridge properly, finding a recycling centre that will accept your fridge may take a while. 

Fridges and freezers fall under hazardous waste, so using a licensed professional to remove your fridge or freezer and dispose of it properly is vital. Contacting Waste Removal Islington for your fridge or freezer disposal means you play your part in protecting the environment.

Commercial fridge removal

Many commercial fridge installations use old methods and techniques, making their removal difficult. However, our expert team can quickly remove your commercial fridge for disposal without stress.

We will safely remove all fridge components while ensuring nothing falls out of the original space. You can trust us to lift, move and dispose of all items, regardless of size and weight.

How to access our fridge and freezer disposal service

  • After you’ve booked our service, our team will call you en route to your home or office for the freezer or fridge removal
  • We will arrive at your property at the agreed time for the appliance removal
  • Our team will remove the appliance and load it in our van. Depending on its condition, we can donate, repurpose or recycle the fridge or freezer

Why choose Waste Removal Islington?

  • We are fully licensed with a waste transfer certificate
  • We provide fast, efficient and reliable services
  • Our recycling rate is over 95%
  • We are available throughout the week, weekends and holidays

Our other services

  • Bin hire
  • General waste clearance
  • House clearance
  • Mattress removal
  • Sofa removal

Call Waste Removal Islington today on 020 37450982 to book our fridge and freezer disposal services.


We remove and dispose of different items, including the following.

  • American fridge freezers
  • Freezers
  • Fridges
  • Integrated fridge freezers
  • Larder fridges
  • Smeg fridges
  • Tabletop fridges
  • Under counter fridges

Yes, it can. We recycle up to 95% of fridges and work only with reputable waste transfer stations.

We do not ask for payments until we’ve collected the appliance and you are satisfied with the completed job.

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Same Day Services

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